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Simon CNC Services have been the official and sole UK distributor of the Maier range of CNC Sliding Headstock Automatics since early 2005. Our relationship with Maier goes back much before this time, as Maier has come from the same background as Simon CNC in the complete overhaul of used CNC machine tools.

It was only in the year 2000 that the first MAIER CNC lathe went in to real time production. Within this short time, sales and production has boomed and the Maier ML Proline range of CNC Sliding Headstock Automatics have become market leaders in many key industries.

ML Proline - The Concept

The ML series concept in based on three criteria’s:

  • As much technology as possible.
  • As much performance as possible.
  • As much practical efficiency as possible.

The ML range provides a careful balance of performance and manufacturing possibilities covering the widest spectrum of parts and offering the user communality of machine and control not achieved by any other supplier.

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